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  • Quotes Dude is created for those people who are interested in reading powerful quotes and sayings lines. But before that I want to tell you some importance of making good friends.
  • Friend is the one whom you really want in your life. Every body seeks for good friends and no doubt, good and sincere friends are more than wealth. There are lot of people who have many friends however; you will also meet those who do not have even a single friend. Here question arises why some people do have many friends, is it some thing natural or learned behaviour to influence people.
In this website, we are sharing quotes related to friends, relationship, couple, love, inspirational, life, wishing and more.
  • It is not very difficult to make friends but you must know some basic influencing techniques to influence them. Some qualities that helps to attract friends and people including self-confidence, open mind ness, abilities to listen others, leadership, care and sincerity. You can use persuasion techniques to make friends and influence people.

Here are few tricks and tips to attract new friends:

  • To make friends try to meet people especially new people at your school, college, neighbours or in parties. Talk with people, share your ideas with them, and try to increase your social circle.
  • Try to be simple and approachable. Do not show your attitude or preferences; try to be simple and easy person. Try to keep smiling and do not show your tension and anxieties to new friends.
  • Do not try to go artificial accept people as they are by nature. Do not criticise them or argue them. Leg -pulling, counter-arguing, faultfinding, and attitude are some habits that mostly people do not like.
  • Try to stay in touch with your friends. Communication is a tool that opens up new ways to influence people and helping make friends.
  • Communicate with your friends as often as possible. Sharing and communication helps to understand each other.
  • Try to remember special events like birthdays, or any event of happiness or sorrow. Try to make phone call or even send message, if you cannot meet them.
  • Do not forget your old friends and your childhood friends. Old friends are really something that you have to save for future and please do not leave your old friends to get new ones.
  • Trust your friends and keep them trust you. Help them whenever they need and always share with them what they want to share. Do not make outlines allow them to talk freely.